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Decisions in Paradise Part One

Decisions in Paradise
For decades it has been known that individuals want to create what is called the perfect life. Receiving the best education to become qualified for the perfect position within a well- known organization and succeed to its highest potentials. Not only acquiring a prominent career, but also, finding the love of his or they life ac dc tickets able to share his or her experiences and new comings with that particular person is what Nik dreamed of. Being a college graduate, Nik landed what he thought was the perfect carrier for his life in paradise on earth. Even, of more importance to Nik he found himself involve with a former friend. During this time, Nik landed a position as a research analyst assistant through Genentech to develop a preliminary analysis to provide a greater presence on an island in the South Pacific known as Kava. In addition to creating a greater presence on Kava, Nik??™s first mission was to formulate, organize, and develop new opportunities that would provide Kava with a more organizational and environmental approach.
Many issues appear within this business scenario. Kava is consistently hit with economic and social disasters. These natural disasters not only affect this particular island but also, are impacted by other countries around the world.?  Undertaking such a huge assignment as this scenario, critical- thinking will in turn have a significant impact in the decision- making process. Genentech??™s mission is to aim to improve the state of human health and discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize medicines that improve and extend people??™s lives??? (Genentech, 2004) Nik??™s first assignment was that of a greater challenge. From the moment Nik was flown to the island of Kava, speculations, and forces of influences took a different approach to what Nik thought going to paradise consisted of. Nik had a different perception of how this assignment was going to turn out. In the end, the island of Kava was not what Nik realized Kava to appear and his superiors did not formally communicate the affects this was going to partake.
As a college graduate and hired within a new organization, Nik seemed overwhelmed. With this new experience and because of his specific duties that was expected of him were unknown at the time made it even more frustrating, but gave Nik a sense of curiosity. Several issues began with Nik stepping off the plane in Kava. Nik??™s definition of paradise was that of sandy beaches, beautiful trees, and the tropical breeze. Nik??™s dream of paradise halted. The island was a mess. The surroundings, structures, the city life seemed to be in disarray. Being in a foreign country alone for the first time surely lowered Nik??™s self-esteem by the way his actions explained. ???My first reminder that life??™s events are not as we perceive them to be.???
Nik??™s first reaction to meeting his superior Alex, director of strategic planning was very surprising. Nik thought he was greeting the receptionist only to find that was Alex his boss for the next several weeks.
Alex begins to explain the facts and history of the Island of Kava. Regrettably, Kava is faced with many forces of natural disasters, the population age, and lack of medication for its people. The island??™s economy is constantly at risk because of the many disasters that face the island. For example, tidal waves/tsunamis, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, floods, fires, HIV/AIDS, petroleum spill, avian flu and terrorist threats affect the people of Kava daily. The other potential risk is the population of Kava. More than fifty percent of Kava??™s population is under the age of fifteen. Kava currently does not have the resources to obtain enough medical care, which in turn the people of Kava are dying faster with more diseases. These forces and formulations are of an enormous risk and threaten the island of Kava as there is already limited amount of resources on the island and poverty is a huge factor. Innovating new techniques and tools to create a better presence of Kava is difficult when an area like Kava has consistent natural disasters and lack of medical attention.
Implementing new decision-making processes such that of the nine step model could prevent the chance of missing key ideas to a solution. Critical-thinking must be implemented in strategically planning innovations because without providing a detailed synopsis of the situation could result in lack of impertinent data influencing the results to organizing a more sufficient program to ensure better environmental aspects as well as a more structured community. The solution to treating a poor island is to evaluate the possible opportunities and resources the island has now, for example, coffee, petroleum, and natural gas to make the island more profitable in turn creating a better environment. If the economies natural resources are in hand, it would create a huge profit for the stakeholders within the company on the island thus making it easier to provide more medical attention that would be able to cure, test, and provide the people of Kava with medicine to live longer and create a more governmental society.

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