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Dear Sir/Ma
I am using this medium to apply for the role of Sales ledger and Reporting Finance Assistant and outline how I meet all person specification.

Experience and Skills required
??? Good working knowledge and experience in a financial department ??“ I have more than 4 years experience working in finance and accounts related jobs. I was account receivable supervisor at my last job and I was involved in all aspect of finance / accounts processes.

??? Strong organisational skills and flexibility are key ??“ My organisation skill is very good and this has been key to success in my past jobs. I am a hard working, flexible person that is capable of adapting to change and new environment easily. I have work for numbers of organisations in many capacities and I have adapted well in all occasions.
??? Demonstrable experience working with numeric??™s ??“ I enjoy working with numbers and I am very competent with it. All my past jobs involved working with numbers. At my last job, I work with numbers every day, recording, imputing into system, preparing reports, etc.
??? Experience of working within a small team ??“ I am a good team player that is always at his best for team success. I was in a team of four in my last job and every team member work together as one. At Wintech International UK Ltd I was in the team of five and we all work hand in hand.
??? Excellent organisational skills ??“ As mentioned above my organisation skill is very good and I am very good at prioritising my work load. I do this by writing things down and allocate available time to task in order of importance.
??? Excellent verbal communication skills ??“ My communication skill is very good. I am competent in verbal and written communication. This is one of my skills that make me better at what I am doing as I use it to get results on time.
??? Attention to detail is essential, as is experience of working with MS Office applications such as Excel and Word ??“ This is one of the areas I have been tested and trusted. I have good eye for details and ability to spot something unusual. I have worked with large volume of data many times in the past and this has improved my attention to detail skill.
I have good experience of all MS Office application. I am competent with Words, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access and my Excel skill is at advance level. I can do many things on spreadsheet including Pivot table, Macro, Hyperlink, Formulas, Vlookup, etc.
??? Experience of working with SUN systems ??“ I have use numbers of software including SUN, Sage, Sage Payroll, Accounting view, BBM, Share master, etc.
??? Committed to Action against hunger??™s goals, values and mission – Having read the mission and objective of this organisation I share the dream. If I am giving the chance I will do my best to ensure this organisation objectives is promoted and protected.

Core Competencies
Some of the core competence has been addressed above; however this is how I meet others.
??? Analytical skills ??“ I am a logical minded person that is very good at analysing both financial and non financial data. I can analyse, present numeric and non-numeric data for the use of management and others. I have good experience of this from my past job as I do monthly and end of year analysis for my employer.
??? Ability to work independently – I enjoy and I have the ability to work alone with no or little supervision. I am very reliable and I can be trusted with my job.
??? Show initiative and lateral thinking ??“ I am highly creative person that always think of better ways to do my job to get best result. I have done this many time in the past to improve process for better performances. At Lykom Enterprises I created hyperlinks for all paper backup to replace manual backup. This saves time and improves performance as everyone can access it at the same time.

I assure you good value for money if given the chance as I always want to improve.

Thank you for your time.

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