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My real name is Cinderella. I have a mother, who died when i was very young, and a father. 2 years passed. My father remarried and the woman had two daughters. My step mother and step sisters started treating me badly, making me clean the whole house. One day, the king announced a ball, for his son, so he would choose a wife for himself. Cinderella wanted to go, but she couldnt since she doesnt have any proper dress for the ball. Since her step sisters took them all away from her. But in the end she ended up going to the 3 balls with the 2 beautiful dresses with silver slippers and the other is made of gold. In the second ball, my gold slippers got stucked in the pitch that prince must have put it there while i quickly ran out the ball. The prince decided that since nothing else had succeded, he would let the slipper help him find his bride. He would marry the person whos feet would fit in the little golden slipper. My step sisters thought it would wit in one of their feet since it is small, but not small enough as me. My step mother told my step sisters to cut part of their foot so it will fit the shoes if it doesnt fit. And both of my step sisters cut their part of foot just so it fits. But once they got outside, the doves warned the prince its not them. In the very end, i ended up marrying the Prince. And my wicked step mother and sisters were punished their eyes out pecked out the birds who helped me sort out all the beans. And the prince and i lived happily ever after. There has been many different story thats about me but this is my story, it has written in 1812 in Germany by Jacob and Wilhelm Grim. And every detail they wrote, is all right. Start from the very biggening to the end.
There are 3 other stories that people has written based on me. One of it is made in China. Its called Yeh-Shen. I dont believe that fish can talk, especially that they are already dead. And only left with bones. And the name Yeh-Shen, its not really that interesting. Unlike my name, one mention of Cinderella, everyone would straight away know who it is. Also i have 2 step sisters, and in this story i have 1 sister. As i said, my father remarried with the woman and had two daughters. I didnt like the sound of having a azure blue gown with a cloth of kingfisher feathers. It sounds nice, but fish scales and the shoes, is also made of golden threads in a pattern of scaled fish, and soldes made of solid gold.
The second one would be The Little Glass Slipper. This story is nearly closed enough to my story. This was wrote in France in 1697 by Charles Perrault. But first, i dont believe in magic. Or even fairy godmother, who could turn the pumpkin into a coach, mice that turns into a horses, rat that turns to a coach man and lastly, a lizards that also turns into a footman. And with the glass slipper, i think that once i step on one of those things, i would probably slipped straight away, since its a glass. Especially when it was time for me to leave the ball, my slipper dropped off leaving in a rush, it would have break.
And lastly, Cinderella. This story is another version of me. My mother died early in my life. Then my father remarried 2 years later with a woman who has 2 daughters Drizella and Anastasia. When my father died, my step mother turns me into a servant in my own house. One day, the Kind sent out an invitation to a fancy dress ball, so his son will be able to choose a bride. But Cinderella has no suitable dress to wear. Then this leads to the 2 mice, name Augustus and Jacques, who can talk and everything. Then comes to a cat called Lucifer, the mean cat that tries to eat the mice, then Bruno the dog, the horse and the birds. In this story, im friends with all this animals, who helped me some of the things, especially the two mice. All of my animals friends gived me a hand making the dress i wanted to make. Now, this is the other thing that i also dont believe. Animals do not talk. Or either help you, and can sew dresses. I went to the ball, and fallen inlove with the prince straight away. This is wrong, i went to the ball 2 times, because i wanted to make sure if he is the right prince i wanted to marry and i trully love.

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