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Critically discuss and evaluate the arguments used to support and against the historical cost accounting system.

Overall word limit: 1500 words maximum.


Your completed assignment must be submitted to the Undergraduate Office no later than 3 pm and an identical copy uploaded to DUO no later than midnight on
26 April 2011
Both copies must be submitted prior to the deadline otherwise a mark of zero will be awarded.

Assignments must be typed or word-processed on A4 paper using 1.5 or double spacing and with margins of 2-3 cm. Pages should be numbered and stapled together in the top left hand corner. Written assignments must not exceed the word length indicated in the module handbook. Examiners will stop reading once this word limit has been reached. The word count should:

??? include all the text, including title, preface, introduction, in-text citations, quotations, footnotes and any other items not specifically excluded below.
??? exclude diagrams, tables, executive summary, bibliography and appendices. However, note that it is not appropriate to use diagrams or tables merely as a way of circumventing the word limit. If a student uses a table as a means of presenting his/her own words, then this is included in the word count.

In a limited number of cases it may be appropriate to present, in an appendix, material which does not properly belong in the main body of the assessment but which some students wish to provide for the sake of completeness. Any appendices will not have a role in the assessment – the examiners are under no obligation to read appendices and they do not form part of the word count. Material that you wish to be assessed should always be included in the main body of the text.

Guidance on referencing can be found in the programme handbook and on DUO.

Performance in the summative assessment for this module is judged against the following criteria:
* Knowledge and understanding of relevant concepts and issues
* Structure and clarity of argument and presentation
* Quality of analysis and interpretation
* Extent of critical evaluation
* Ability to synthesise relevant material from a range of sources, including evidence of wider reading.

Students suspected of plagiarism, either of published work or the work of other students, or of collusion will be dealt with according to School and University guidelines.

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