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The Cider House Rules (1999)
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Main Characters: Toby Maquire as Homer Wells
: Michael Caine as Dr. Larch
: Charlize Theron as Candy Kendall
: Delroy Lindo as Arthur Rose
: Paul Rudd as Lt. Wally Worthington
: Erika Badu as Rose Rose
: Jane Alexander as Nurse Edna
: Kathy Baker as Nurse Angela
Synopsis of Film
The movie (The Cider House Rules) was released in 1999. The movie was based on a novel written by John Irving and was based in a small town somewhere in Maine. The movie won overall two academy awards. The director Lasse Hallstrom also directed numerous other movies such as (My Life as a Dog) which I??™ve never seen and (What??™s eating Gilbert Grape) which I have seen and is an excellent movie. The movie started out as Dr. Larch and Homer being the main characters. Dr. Larch being the care taker of the poor orphan boy named Homer. Dr. Larch runs an orphanage and also works as a Doctor. He mainly wants to train Homer to take his place. He is working very hard at making Homer out to be a Doctor, although it seems that it not what Homer has in mind. Homer grows into an intellectual young man with hopes and dreams of being something other than what the doctor wants him to be. When Homer decides to explore life on his own is when he meets the remaining characters in the movie. He began to start a new life and a new job with new friends. That doesn??™t seem to slow Dr. Larch down one bit. Dr. Larch wanted nothing more throughout the whole movie to teach Homer his practice and it seems to replace him one day. Homer never seems to want the same thing and it is a disgrace that when tragedy arises is when Homer decides to do what the Doctor wanted all along.

The movie (The Cider House Rules) is a realistic story about the ironic tragedies of life. At the beginning of the movie when Homer was born, Dr. Larch states he knew from the start Homer was special. I don??™t think he knew I believe that was his last hope and he wasn??™t going to give up trying. Dr. Larch ran an orphanage and also performed abortions on mothers mainly because he didn??™t think it was fair to have so many orphans in the world. This is an issue I can strongly agree with but many people in this world would not. I would rather help people have abortions than bring children into this world that will never have a real life or possibly no parental love. At the same time if I was Dr. Larch I would tie there tubes after the 2nd abortion because that??™s just being overly promiscuous. At the time of this movie abortions were not legalized so he had many people come to him in despair. Dr. Larch wasn??™t a mean man although fairly strange in a way. He taught Homer all the while he was growing into a man how to perform certain surgeries in hopes he would take over for him one day. I think that Dr. Larch was a bit harsh on poor Homer at times. He talked down to him and made him out to be his little side-kick and that is clearly not what Homer wanted. One day a young man and a young woman came into the orphanage in need of medical assistance. The young lady (Candy) was in need of an abortion. The young man being Lt.Wally Worthington was her man friend in other words. Throughout the whole beginning of the movie I was trying to figure out why every night Dr. Larch had to put himself to sleep with ether. I quickly learned apparently he was to over exhausted and needed it to help him fall asleep. In my own vivid imagination every time he did this I kept wondering if he was really doing it in hopes that it may end his life. I also wondered if one day it actually may end his life either accidently or on purpose. This was definitely a reoccurring event in the movie that I knew must have of some importance. Homer was overall a very intelligent good hearted young man. When he decided to tell Dr. Larch he wanted to go off on his own and explore life is when the main plot of the story began Dr. Larch was not happy of Homer??™s decision and did everything in his power to prevent this from happening. It is obvious that Dr. Larch has his own plans For Homer and his own plans for himself. Dr. Larch has good intentions of helping out the orphans and even though abortions are not legal he is still doing a good duty to society. Many people believe against abortions in society. I believe if it is necessary to have an abortion because of an innocent mistake than it is your given right to your body to do what you feel is necessary. Although if it is a reoccurring thing than I am against it. Abortion is something that many people in society these days are fighting to prevent. In China they are only allowed to give birth to two children. I don??™t think there is really a difference. As I stated before it is your body and I believe you have the right to do as you please.
When Homer finally leaves with Candy and the Lieutenant, Dr. Larch reminds him of his heart condition never really having anything to do with anything throughout the movie. Homer decides to go become a part of the apple picking business. Even though Homer is a little overqualified for this job he seems content. He is just honestly trying to find out who he really is in life which is what we all want at one point in time. Good old Homer becomes an apple picking professional and starts to become quite close with Candy after the Lieutenant is shipped back overseas. I believe Candy was his first love and his first lover. Which I also didn??™t agree with because it seemed once again Candy was a bit too promiscuous with Homer and didn??™t seem to care. There are careless women in this world just like Candy that don??™t seem to care and repeat the same mistake over and over without learning. How does society fix this problem As I stated before after the 2nd abortion I think it should be a law to either get your tubes tied or be put on birth control to prevent this reoccurring event. After a little while when I found out that Rose Rose was pregnant and keeping it a secret, not surprised at all. Someone throughout the movie had to make use of Homer??™s medical skills at one point. When I learned of her pregnancy being by her own father I was in absolute disgust. That had to be the most disgraceful thing my ears have ever heard and my eyes have ever seen. I am quite sure these things happen in the world today but I am never aware of them occurring. These are the types of things that America tries to keep hidden but can??™t fix the problem of mentally ill people that want to commit incest. Of course Homer must make himself of great use and apply his medical skills because he didn??™t want it on his conscious if she tried to accomplish it herself. Homer goes ahead and performs the abortion on Rose Rose. Of course this was the best decision for her. I mean who on this planet would want to give birth to their father??™s child Nobody that is in their right mind, that??™s for sure. Shortly after her recovery from the abortion she escapes her father. That is another thing parents are faced with every day is fear that their children will run away but in this case it was necessary. You are never really told in the movie other than her being pregnant from her own father, shown how he treats her. I guess that is where the old saying comes in ???Don??™t judge a book by its cover??? because it probably occurs every day right in front of us and we have no knowledge of it whatsoever. Rose tried to kill her own father and ran away and shortly after that he passed. At the end of the movie what I knew in my mind was going to happen all along finally happened Dr. Larch had an accidental overdose on ether. I believe he did it on purpose so Homer would have no choice to come back and take his place.
The main discussion in this movie I believe was on abortion which is a problem I feel society will not overcome. Abortion was not legal than and today it is legalized. Things haven??™t really changed much besides the law. I don??™t think anything could have been better plotted in this movie. Homer and Dr. Larch had good intentions and were very heroic. People in this world will do things that other??™s may not agree with and we can either sit back and watch or try to meet them halfway and help. I choose the halfway point because you have to start somewhere. Woman will be woman and even if it becomes illegal they will still find a way to get what they need. I am pro- choice and believe if that??™s the best option for you than do what you feel is best. I have had friends in the past that had needed help in this area and was with them 100% but I have never needed nor wanted an abortion. I just believe it??™s your right to your body to do as you wish.
In conclusion to my discussion about the movie (The Cider House Rules). The film itself was slow but the theme was strong . The idea behind it was of importance in everyday life. It was nice to have a hero in the movie which to me was Homer and Dr. Larch. I don??™t think it was necessary to have all the extra unimportant things in the movie and at times it was slow. I think Dr. Larch knew all along if Homer did not do as he wanted him to he was going to take his own life so Homer had no choice. He sacrificed himself so Homer could take his place helping people. It was a good movie with a good idea behind it. Lastly it was nice to see Homer finally return to home to work as a Doctor because somebody has to continue to help those women and children. In my opinion it must have felt like an obligation knowing if he didn??™t help them someone else would cut them to pieces. I couldn??™t agree more. That made a nice ending to the movie that he would be a hero in other??™s lives from that point on as Dr. larch had wanted him to be.

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