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Choosing an Evaluation Plan

The Madison Children??™s Hospital is a hospital striving to provide and improve children??™s health with the highest quality health care. The hospital has noticed an increase in chronic illnesses in the children within the community and is interested in addressing this community concern. Research and discovery of the reasons for the increase in chronic illness has assisted the hospital in developing a plan to teach the children and their parents how to improve the quality of life by self-management of the illness and understanding the factors contributing to the increase of illnesses (Axia College, 2011, Week Four Supplement). Madison Children??™s Hospital will implement both the project-wide evaluation plan and the objective-oriented evaluation plan. Both plans are needed to give a full detailed picture of the effectiveness of the program and to maintain the effectiveness. If the program is not effective, both plans will reveal the areas that need to be adjusted. The project-wide evaluation will focus on the main goal or big picture of the program and address the questions if the program is meeting the goal expectations or promises outlined in the program plan (Yuen & Terao, 2003). The objective-oriented evaluation plan will focus on the finer details of successfully meeting the goals or expected outcomes (Yuen & Terao, 2003). Madison Children??™s Hospital recognizes the depth the children??™s chronic illness causes the children, their parents and family, and the community. The two evaluation plans will review finer details and the big picture to ensure all aspects of the program are meeting expectations and the outcomes or goal are successfully achieved, therefore, both plans are preferred.

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